Refrigeration Systems

We provide energy efficient refrigeration solutions that are not only reliable but also drastically reduce your consumption bill. As the refrigeration experts, our sole responsibility is to provide the best possible solutions for store owners that can reduce these costs while also meeting their immediate needs. No matter what the scale of the project is , the technology and equipment has been carefully considered, designed and customised to fit the layout of a sore and its surrounding restrictions.

MultiPlex Refrigeration

The most commonly used refrigeration system for supermarkets’ today is the Multiplex direct expansion system. ll the in-store display cases and/or cold storage rooms use direct expansion air refrigerant coils that are connected to the systems compressors which live in an external plant room or on the roof of the store.

Cold Rooms

Our insulated panels form the foundation of our cold/freezer rooms, manufactured with low thermal transmittance in mind. Creating that perfect layer of continuous insulation has never been easier.

Splashair tailor-makes its panels for a cold room in all shapes and sizes. This makes us the service provider of choice when facilitating the design and manufacture of cold and or freezer rooms.

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