Ducted Split

Ducted Air Conditioning

Useful for high capacity heating and cooling needs in large building or spaces that artificially need temperature control. They can be installed out of sight. Capacity can range from 36 000 BTU to 60 000 BTU/h. We also have special solutions for confined indoor areas through use of a compact and ergonomic design. Installing a ducted split or ducted hideaway has many benefits over conventional mid-wall split installations. Ducted splits allow for even temperature distribution across areas that are installed.

Usually ducted splits are made up of one unit thus less cost for maintenance as compared to other types of air conditioning. Electricity costs are lowered also as a result of conditioning several rooms with the same unit. This temperature consistency is an advantage to others whilst some do not prefer the same temperature across many areas. There is no option to switch off for one room to reduce electricity costs. Check out our other air conditioning solutions.

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