Air Conditioning Cassettes

Cassettes Air Conditioner

Popular in office areas with space ranging from 25 to 130 square metres. The set comprises of an indoor unit and outdoor unit linked by refrigeration piping. The indoor “cassette” is installed in the ceiling and there are different sizes. The outdoor unit is usually significantly bigger in size, siting outside the building. Various brands are available for your choosing. Splash Air prides itself by the quality workmanship we know you deserve. With electricity charges on a constant rise, energy saving solutions are a necessity. This is built-in in our installation process.

A cassette air conditioning is a type of air conditioning that is used for both residential houses & office buildings. The air conditioning unit is installed in the ceiling unlike wall units. The piping that connects to the outside unit is also inside the ceiling, out of sight, thus being neat as it is ergonomic. Modern day ceiling cassettes have built in condenser pumps. This offers more reliability than wall mounted units that have an additional condenser pump attached outside.

Why Cassettes?

You can tell an air conditioning is a cassette through the grill showing attached to the ceiling in a residential home or office building. It is designed to move air evenly throughout the room by means of fan technology it is designed with. Air conditioning cassettes can also be used to distribute heat. Popular among newly constructed structures which are public, cassettes also are installed in existing building


Swing louvers can be used to direct air flow within a room. This functionality ensures air moves according to your personal needs. The mechanics of louvers is to position down when cooling is required and positioning up when heating is opted for.


Ensuring that the air filter is clean is basically the maintenance required for cassettes air conditioning. Filters are easily detached off for cleaning or thorough washing.

Humidity Control

Most air conditioning units have a “dry mode” that can be used to control the humidity in a room. Alternating the humidity of a room helps by improving comfort levels without necessarily blowing air around.

Energy Savings

A setting on the thermostat will make the unit decrease power consumption when a set temperature has been reached. Reduced power will help to keep utility bills from rising.

Additional Features of Cassettes Air Conditioner

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