Who We Are

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Our Vision

Splashair conditioning and refrigeration wants to be the nation’s premier air conditioning service provide, offering the best customer experience, superior installations and top quality maintenance and repair services. This does not mean being the biggest, but being the best in terms of value, customer service, employee talent and consistent, profitable growth.


Splashair is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and comfort to our valued customers. We strive to always exceed our customers’ expectations. Our core values include: Honesty Integrity and accountability. We treat our customers’ as we would like to be treated & look forward to lifelong relationships.

Our History

2015 –

Splashair was founded in 2015 by Alfred Motsi as Director.

2016 –

Air conditioning and refrigeration services offered on a small scale to households and small businesses.

2017 –

Turnkey projects completed in air conditioning for commercial buildings in Harare.

2018 –

Rapid company growth as Splashair undertook and completed huge tenders, gaining reputation as a quality air conditioning contractor in Zimbabwe.

2019 –

Further expansion of service provision to areas outside Harare. Splashair works across Zimbabwe have increased.

2020 –

Steady company growth in the face of Covid-19 pandemic. Splashair continues to provide competitive service in terms of affordability and quality workmanship.


There are plenty of options available for AC installation, service and repair in the country. Splashair stands apart from the rest for many reasons. By working to meet each unique customer need, the team of experts goes above and beyond to provide professional services.

Message from the Director

In order to succeed in this demanding business we have to develop professional know-how and apply it effectively and consistently for our customers’ benefit. We also have to build long-term, confidential and mutually beneficial partnerships.

The reason we are in business is to add tangible value from the very first consultation and throughout the entire life cycles of investments. We want to provide you with the best and most comprehensive technical consulting and engineering services, products and complete solutions for all your needs. We have the expertise and capacity to implement even the most demanding technical investments. Our ultimate goal is to make yo more successful. This we believe will make us successful too.

Alfred Motsi - Splashair Director

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